Windows 10... its almost a parody

Windows 10... its almost a parody

No one who has seen the latest Microsoft advert for Windows 10 could fail to gag. 

The advert is... well awful. Full of stock imagery, and grandiose promises that a software company has no right to make. Its designed to be aspirational, but instead comes across as almost a parody of adverts. It would not look out of place on a show like Silicon Valley, as a advert for the antagonist, Hooli.

Microsoft faces an up hill battle after the debacle that Windows 8, and the rise and rise of OSX. Windows 10 has almost been dubbed the least secure OS ever, with vital data stored on the Microsoft cloud, WIFI passwords being shared, and little control over your data. 

Microsoft has also now included Cortana, its Artificial Intelligence engine, which now listens and monitors file, whether you want it or not.

In short, WIndows 10 is a bad deal, even though most people will get it for free.


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