The Importance of B2B Reviews

The Importance of B2B Reviews

B2B, or business to business companies, are often neglected when it comes to customer reviews. While business to consumer companies often have hundreds of detailed reviews online, it can be very difficult to find reviews for B2B companies, which can make it difficult to find unbiased information about B2B services for potential customers.

A large part of the issue is the way that B2B companies focus on marketing. While B2C companies encourage their customers to leave reviews, B2B companies often don’t even offer a way to leave reviews, and instead use other tactics when marketing, such as case studies, which can be incredibly costly to conduct and lose relevance within a few years as technology changes. Case studies can also read as biased towards the vendor’s perspective, while a customer review feels more neutral and objective.

Currently, there aren’t many websites or apps that focus on reviews of B2B companies, and the ones that do focus mainly on numeric information, without too much detail. An in depth customer review can address the entire experience of working with the business in detail, and provide very specific positive and negative information for any customers looking for an unbiased perspective. A review can also bring up any specific issues or benefits that the customer has experienced that might get glossed over in a case study or other analysis of a B2B company.

Reviews are also a great way for B2B companies to improve their services. A review can clearly articulate any problems that the customer had, and give the company an opportunity to either correct the individual problem, or improve the service for future use. Reviews also provide an opportunity for open conversation between vendors and clients about their experience, which likely would not happen otherwise.

As the internet becomes even more and more of an integral part of all aspects of business, so do online reviews. Most customers are becoming accustomed to having a wealth of information at their fingertips at all times, which makes them much more discerning when shopping for products and services. The more information that is online about your business, the more confident potential customers will feel about using your services. Reviews are likely to come up through a Google search for your company, and the more honest and well rounded information that is available, the better it reflects on your company. Encourage your customers to post reviews not only on your company website, but also on other B2B review websites to get the word out there even more.

Although B2B customer reviews are not incredibly prevalent now, they are becoming more and more common and respected as marketing strategies change and develop with technology. Focusing on reviews as a marketing strategy will really help your business develop it’s visibility and reputation among potential customers. Although it will take time and effort to get a solid base of reviews available online about your business, the effort will be worth it when you start seeing results. 

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