Should you auto correct misspellings in comments

Should you auto correct misspellings in comments

"They are a geart company". Thats how this issue began here at TrustBase. Surely they meant "They are a great company".

We collect thousands of review data points every day, and in amongst all that are a whole host of misspellings and mistakes, but comments are considered sacred.

So the question was whether we should automatically correct those comments during processing. A small change here and there couldn't hurt, could it?

Unfortunately it could. Its a slippery slope once you start editing. It would be easy to shift a paragraph here or there, but in doing so we could change the entire meaning of the review. 

So we decided that while it was ok to correct misspellings and punctuation, there would be no other changes to grammar or structure. 

So a word to the caution, edit, but slowly and with great care.

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