Safe Harbor 2.0 - arriving soon?

Safe Harbor 2.0 - arriving soon?

The next version of the Safe Harbor program, dubbed Safe Harbor 2.0, appears to be imminent. 

Behind this is the fact that on the 1st of Feb the grace period granted by the various European Data Protection agencies will expire. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that  the EU team required to approve this will nto be meeting until Feb 2nd. 

Sources close to the ongoing negotiations have indicated that progress has been made, but there are still some remaining issues that need to be addressed before Trans Atlantic data transfers can resume.

Progress has also been slowed by the shut down of Washington DC by the recent blizzard.

The complicate matters further, both Binding Corporate Rules and Model Contract Clauses, the two solutions incorrectly touted as an alternative to Safe Harbor, are also due to expire on the same day.


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