About WeGlu

About WeGlu

1 rating WeGlu was a very early mobile social network. Developed in the UK the aim of the network was to be a mobile first social network.

The site initially had a promotional deal with E4 to market the social network during the TV show Skins, however the site failed to gain traction and was soon closed down.

WeGlu used the tag line ‘friends stick together’.

WeGlu brings your address book to life and allows your friends and favourite organisations to tell you what they're doing, where they are, what they'd like to
do and how they're feeling so you can get in touch, meet up or just send them a hug.

But WeGlu also allowed uses to create and receive rich multimedia messages including sound recordings, photos, videos and web links that you and your friends can chat about on your mobile or on the web.

WeGlu was permission-based, allowing users to select which people and organisations could contact them.

Even at the time WeGlu was considered distinctly amateurish.

The software was quickly superseded with mobile offerings from Facebook, but at the time it was consider innovative. However, its limited use, and the lack of support of more advanced phones (IPhone and Android) and the emergence of more extensive better planned social networks resulted in its failure.

The site was shut down shortly after launch.

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