Windows 10... too little to late?

Windows 10... too little to late?

Windows was once the jewel in Microsoft's crown, selling millions of copies each year. However that all began to change with the release of Windows Vista. To put it lightly it was a shoddy operating system, slow and cumbersome. What made things worse is that its predecessor, Windows XP, had be a rock star by comparison.

Microsoft denied there were any problems, and persisted with the Vista roll out.

Then came Windows 7.. and all was almost forgiven. Going back to its XP roots the operating system was clean and quick, but most importantly it was reliable.

Then came a moment of madness. Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a version that will forever haunt Microsoft. The company decided to not listen to its customers, instead it would force upon them its own vision of what computing should be. Gone was the Start button, and instead it was replaced by a mismash of icons, aptly named Metro.

Metro was aimed at touch screen devices, however almost 90% of Microsofts customer base didn't use touch screens, but the company was not going to let a small fact like that stop it. It resisted customer uproar and, in typical Microsoft fashion plugged ahead. 

However, this was not the 90s where the company had dominated the OS market, instead it was facing multiple attacks. Google's Chrome OS had gained a small foothold, but it was Apples OSX that was decimating it hold.

Windows 8 was a failure. Sales figures were the worst ever, but the main damage came to Microsofts reputation. It had lost the OS throne. Windows was now seen as slow and sluggish.

Fast forward to Windows 10. Apparently Windows 8 was so terrible that Microsoft skipped a number (Windows 9?). We have Microsoft boss Satya Nadella claiming this is the best operating system ever, and of course in true Microsoft style they are forcing an upgrade on Windows 7 and 8 users.

However its too little too late. Microsoft has lost its way, it doesn't know what it does. It doesn't make good software anymore, it search engine (Bing) is a joke, and its Cortana assistant makes Siri look good.

The company needs to split. It needs to divide its customer divisions from its enterprise one, and focus on creating good software, not bloated bug ridden code that its PR people claim is innovative.

Updated: Microsoft has refused to release exactly what information the OS is transmitting back to it, raising serious security and privacy concerns.

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