Pokemon Go - is the craze over?

Pokemon Go - is the craze over?

Just a few weeks ago Pokemon Go hit the world. It rocketed to the top of the App Store listing. Everywhere you looked were people glued to their screens, trying to catch these virtual critters. 

Niantic could hardly believe its luck, it had struck gold. Nintendos share price soared. People were addicted to this craze.

However a few weeks on its a very different story. The Pokemon crazy appears to have peaked.

One reason is the emergence of online trackers. These trackers, such as Pokevision and Pokemon Go Desktop, accessed the Pokemon Go API and then scanned an area revealing the exact location of all Pokemon. This resulted in people heading to specific areas to catch specific Pokemon, rather than wandering around aimlessly.

This coincided with the tracking system in the Pokemon Go app breaking. Previously players could see a rough indication of Pokemon in their area, illustrated by footprints, now however it was next to useless.

Niantic panicked, and changed it API to block these trackers.

Terrible idea. 

What Niantic failed to realize is that when you create something like this, when you give it to the world, you loose some control over it. People will create third party apps, people will use it in a way you never intended. That's part of the process. By blocking tracking Niantic made the game boring again.

They acted as a new company who would shocked by the success of their idea, and insecure that they no longer controlled it 100%.

As a result there has been a marked decline in social media mentions, and look around, there are fewer player playing.

Pokemon Go peaked too early.


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