Compliance as a service

Compliance as a service

Ensuring vendor compliance is a key function of any business. It ensures that the suppliers you are entrusting with your company's data, IP or even reputation will be able to deliver the expected results. 

Pivotal to the implementation of a compliance program is an experienced and knowledge about. This team will be responsible for getting to know your suppliers, understanding how they work and then making the professional opinion on whether they will be able to deliver as expected.

Companies such as Nike and Apple have been rocked in recent times by allegations that their suppliers are not living up to code of conduct or ethical expectations. This in turn has damaged both of these brands, tainting them with images of sweat shops and child labor.

Compliance as a service is designed to allow a company to integrate compliance services and acvitities into your procurement and buying processes, allowing for seemless access of supplier audits and reports.

The key benefit is that the skills, technology and processes are already in a mature state, and developed, and can be applied to your existing business processes and bridges

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